Excellence in medical device manufacturing

A machine manufacturing QUIK CHEK™ cassettes

TECHLAB® is a highly responsive, full service medical device diagnostic product manufacturer with ISO 13485 certification, USDA license, and FDA registration. Our employees are experienced with formulation, testing, and packaging of human and veterinary in vitro diagnostics. We serve pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and food processing companies.

TECHLAB® excels at providing personalized technical and customer service. Our broad array of process capabilities, foremost attention to quality, total responsiveness, and efficient operation offer excellent value.

TECHLAB® has a strong scientific background, with approximately one third of our employees working in research and development. Employees in all departments have a thorough understanding of the products developed and manufactured at TECHLAB®.

We recognize that our success depends on our customers’ success, and work to quickly meet the needs of our customers while adhering to our commitment to quality.

Custom research

TECHLAB® conducts research studies for pharmaceutical and food processing companies.