E. histolytica is an intestinal parasite that infects approximately a half billion persons worldwide annually.

Of the huge number of individuals infected by E. histolytica, about 10% become symptomatic and develop colitis and liver abscesses, resulting in a mortality rate estimated between 40,000 and 120,000 persons a year.

Patients infected with pathogenic E. histolytica may show a wide range of conditions. Some may be asymptomatic; others may show mild diarrhea that develops into bloody diarrhea and eventually fulminant colitis.

TECHLAB manufactures ELISAs for E. histolytica.

Product NameCatalog #Suggested CPT Code*Tests/KitAnalyte(s) DetectedFormatTime to ResultFecal Sample Type
E. HISTOLYTICA II T5017/304048733796E. histolytica antigen (adhesin)Microplate ELISA< 2.5 hrs @ RTFresh & frozen fecal sample (unpreserved)
E. HISTOLYTICA QUIK CHEK T304098733725E. histolytica antigen (adhesin)Rapid EIA< 30 min @ RTFresh & frozen fecal sample (unpreserved) / Cary Blair / C+S
TRI-COMBO PARASITE SCREENT304088744996Giardia cyst antigen Cryptosporidium oocyst antigen E. histolytica antigen (adhesin)Microplate ELISA< 2.0 hrs @ RTFresh & frozen fecal sample (unpreserved) / Cary Blair / C+S