The LEUKO EZ VUE ® is an immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection of elevated levels of fecal lactoferrin, a marker for fecal leukocytes and an indicator of intestinal inflammation. The LEUKO EZ VUE ® test detects lactoferrin in liquid, semi-liquid, and solid fecal specimens. A positive test result indicates an increased level of fecal lactoferrin and warrants additional testing.

Diarrheal diseases can be classified into inflammatory and non-inflammatory diarrhea. Non-inflammatory diarrheas include those caused by viruses and most parasites and are, for the most part, effectively treated with simple oral rehydration therapy. Inflammatory diarrheas, on the other hand, tend to be more serious and need to be followed up by more extensive testing. The LEUKO EZ VUE ® overcomes the problems of microscopy by utilizing immunochromatography technology and provides results in 10 minutes. The assay detects elevated lactoferrin in fecal specimens. Lactoferrin is very stable and is not degraded during infections.

  • Rapid screen to determine presence of intestinal inflammation in acute intestinal illnesses
  • Accurate measurement of both solid and liquid fecal samples using novel pipette design
  • Simple procedure that includes visual readings

Results in 10 minutes or less

Simple Procedure

Results indicators

  • Proper test performance is indicated by the formation of a red line at the control side (C) of the Results Window.
  • A positive result is indicated by the formation of a red line at the test side (T) of the Results Window.


LEUKO EZ VUE ® Publications

A New Test for the Detection of White Blood Cells in Stool Samples, excerpted with permission from the MSCLS Newslinks newsletter Volume 21, Issue 6