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What can we do for you?

TECHLAB has considerable experience in food additive testing and MIC testing for difficult-to-grow bacteria, such as fastidious anaerobe isolates from humans and animals. TECHLAB’s founder, Dr. Tracy Wilkins, is the inventor of Wilkins Chalgren agar and a co-author of the first NCCLS methods for susceptibility testing of anaerobes.

Our testing is done according to the latest edition of the CLSI methods. We work in total confidentiality and can help prepare manuscripts for publication.

TECHLAB is also a full-service medical device diagnostic product manufacturer. Read more about manufacturing.


Questions We Help Answer

  • Does your dietary compound change large bowel micro-ecology?
  • Does the intestinal flora metabolize your compound?
  • How do your prebiotic compounds and probiotic floras impact the gut?
  • Will your new antibiotic disrupt colonization resistance?
  • Are members of the healthy flora susceptible to your compounds?
  • Does your feed additive alter bowel ecology?
  • Do you need help in preparing a submission to a regulatory agency?

For contract research inquiries, please e-mail Dr. Robert Carman ( or call 1-800-TECHLAB.

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